For the first time in the history of equines and man! HORSES OF THE WIND is a musical celebration of horses joined by the actual voices of stallions, mares, foals and nature:

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1) Some Horses Are Coming

2) Starlit Stallion

3) All Gentle of Herself

4) Moonlit Creation

5) Birth of a Foal

6) The First Day

7) Around He Galloped

8) Stallion in the Mist

9) Filly Frolic

10) Without You

11) Among Mares

12) Horses of the Wind

13) The New Mare

14) The Rising Tide



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"Innovative and totally unique. A brilliant combination of wondrous music and the voices of horses. A must for lovers of all breeds"

"An unforgettable, never before experienced equine encounter, as dramatic and sensitive as the horse itself. Pure and spiritual. A magical gift for horse lovers of all ages"

"In HORSES OF THE WIND Robert Vavra has achieved the seemingly impossible by capturing the essence of horses as much in music as he has in his best-selling books. Close your eyes and listen. Pure joy!"

Stereo CD approx. 50 min., includes a 28 page full color booklet. Original music by Carol Caldwell. Arranged and produced by Steve Baker.

Suggested retail price $19.99

Available in leading Tack and Specialty Stores.

For additional information, or to order a copy, call 1-888-298-3262 or visit


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