Vavra's Cats is a photographic fantasy about felines that is unique in its sense of beauty, imagination, and romance. As he did in Equus and Unicorns I Have Known, Robert Vavra captures all the grace and beauty of these exquisite creatures, both domestic and exotic. Vavra's own written reflections are accompanied by those of Ernest Hemingway, Paul Gallico, Rudyard Kipling, Joy Adamson, Colette and Jim Corbett.

USA 25,000
UK 10,000
FRANCE 15,000
GERMANY 15,000

TOTAL: 65,000


"Break out the superlatives and exclamation points! Here at last is a book that does appropriate homage to the cat...This book is elegant, a work of art in itself."

" of cats...feline fairyland...large or small, tame and wild, the cats pose wreathed in flowers, swathed in lace, hung with jewels, and surrounded by elegant slaves to bring them cream..."

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